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CEO Speech

I am proud to be part of the Nados Logistics team with their capabilities, high efficiency, and accuracy in delivery. The values ​​and principles in the company`s policy are very important, and it is considered the company`s compass and the basis of its direction. We work together in harmony and interaction to constantly develop our services and provide the best we have in The way to maintain the satisfaction of the wishes of our Al-Majed customers now and in the future, and we move forward in achieving our goals to be the first company in the world to provide logistics services.


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Public Universities - Private Universities - Institutes - Sٍpecialized courses

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Our Philosophy

Mission, Message, & Core Values

We strive to be the first destination in the world to provide logistics services to all our customers.

Speed, accuracy and ease in providing services.

•Honesty and Integrity:
Ethical controls, humanitarian principles and legal foundations are our standard as a company and individuals in our dealings with customers and between us.
• Innovation:
From the reality of our deep belief that innovation is the main basis for the transformation that produced the modern world for us, we support innovation in all its forms.
• Efficiency:
Maintaining the permanent improvement of service provision.
• Professional:
Team spirit, commitment to time and a high sense of responsibility are the lamps that light the way for us in our dealings with each other, partners and society.
• Community Service :
We invest in human energy and motivate individuals to work and build to achieve the prosperity of societies.