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Tourist residence or other types of residence are considered one of the most important means to maintain the legal status inside Turkey without being subjected to financial fines, legal violations and denial of entry to Turkey. family) according to the conditions and criteria set by Turkey according to the foreigners law, to obtain residence in Turkey, your entry to Turkey must be recent and within the period specified for you according to your nationality according to the foreigners law

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Nados Accommodation Services is your choice to obtain your residence permit in Turkey at competitive prices. The company prepares all the necessary papers according to the type of residence and family status (single or married), and we provide electronic submission and effective health insurance in many private and public hospitals, extract the tax number, certify the lease contract from the notary, and translate documents until today The date specified for clients by the Turkish Immigration Service.

Why should you get a Turkish tourist residence permit?

Turkish tourist residence permits you to enter and exit Turkey without obtaining a visa and without paying a fine or violation.
Obtaining an identity number, because it is a requirement in many internal transactions A prerequisite for residency (investor) to obtain a tourist residency Opening a bank account in all Turkish and international banks Facilitating the movement of merchants and businessmen, establishing companies or any private business, and registering in Turkish universities and schools
Register the electricity, gas and water bill in your name and get online services Help you own real estate, buy a car, or issue a Turkish driver’s license. Apply for citizenship after a period of obtaining residency (for some types of residency)

Documents required for residency

Tourist accommodation:

Any foreigner entering Turkish territory has the right to apply for it. The period of residence is one year, subject to renewal.

The required paperwork:

• A valid passport, not less than 6 months old
• A personal photo of 5
• Electronic Submission Papers
• A house rental contract in Turkey certified by Noter (Turkish notary public)
• Health insurance for the owner of the residence (age less than 18 years is not required and over 65 years is not required)
• A bank statement of $6000 (not always required)
• Tax number

Student residence:

This residency is granted to university students in Turkey. The residency period is one year, renewable. It is also possible to apply for more than one residency for two, three or four years, depending on the duration of university admission.

The required paperwork:

• A valid passport, not less than 6 months old
• A personal photo of 5
• Electronic Submission Papers
• A house rental contract in Turkey certified by Noter (Turkish Notary Public)
• Health insurance for the residence owner (age less than 18 years is not required and over 65 years is not required)
• A bank statement of $6000 (not always required)
•University acceptance document

Family residence:

You can apply for this residence in the following cases:
It is granted to the family in the event the father or mother obtains a work permit, and it can be applied for for all family members (husband/wife - children), and it shall be for the same period of work permit for the accompanying person.
Granted to the family in the event of marriage to a Turkish wife / Turkish husband, and it can be applied to all family members (husband / wife - children), and the residence period can be one, two or three years, according to the request, and the owner has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship after three years

The required paperwork:

The same tourist residence papers in addition to a copy of the Turkish identity card for the official or the work permit for the expatriate, and sometimes a statement is required from the mother country

Real estate residence (TAPU):

This residence is granted to real estate owners in Turkey if an official title deed is available for the property. The residence period is two years, subject to renewal

The required paperwork:

The same papers required for tourist residence, but instead of the lease contract, the original title deed (TAPU KAYDI) from the title deed and from the souls a paper (ADRES KAYDI) Note: You must always pay attention to the expiry period of the residency of all kinds, and the residency renewal must be submitted at least two months before the expiry date.

Work permit in Turkey for foreigners

It is a residence permit issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, which can be obtained by every person who owns a company in Turkey or an employee of a company, regardless of his job position. Its conditions vary according to job place, nationality and type of residence document

Work accommodation features

It grants its holder the right to reside in Turkey for the length of the stay without any legal accountability The right to apply for Turkish citizenship after a period of five years, provided that the permanent residence in Turkey without interruption is more than 6 months outside Turkey
Work residency grants the right to apply for a Schengen visa to enter the European Union Through the work permit, it is possible to stay outside Turkey for an indefinite period, that is, without being restricted to a certain period inside or outside Turkey
Ensuring rights when registering in social insurance and benefiting from medical services for discounts of up to 80% in private hospitals and pharmacies and up to 100% in state hospitals. Both (father, mother, husband/wife, children) can benefit from insurance free of charge provided that there is set up for them

Damage to company owners and employees in the event of work without a work permit

A fine of 10,000 Turkish liras for each worker for each month Exposure to the risk of suspending the company, laying off employees and preventing them from practicing their work Conditions for applying for a work permit:
The presence of a valid tourist residence when submitting papers That the applicant for work permit is an employee of a company in Turkey or has a company When these conditions are fully met, the following documents must be brought to our company to start the necessary procedures: Community Verified icon
Agency for us by the person concerned if you are the owner of the company
(If you are an employee of a company, the owner of the company must make the agency for us)
The trade journal of the company you own or work for
Company tax board
Business Events Statement
Registration of the company`s address in the social insurance
Two (2) personal photos
A picture of the tourist residence, front and back
Translation of the obtained academic certificate (if any)
Passport translation (sworn translator)
Home country address and phone number
Marital status and number of children

The papers are in Turkish

Fotograf yapancıya ait
Kutruşun en son sermaye ve ortaklık yapısını gösteren turkiye ticaret sicil gazetesi
Yurt içi müracaat ise nüfus müdürlügünden yabancı için kimlik no alıacak
Son yıla aıt, vergi dairesi veya yaminli mali müşavir onaylı bilaço ve kar / zarar tablosu
Yabancının diploması veya serfifikası mütercim tarafından tercüme edrcümiş olması gerekmektedir
Iş yerinin çalışanlarını gösterir SGK pirim döküm cetveli
Yabancının yeminli mütercim veya noter onaylı pasaport sureti
Firmanın iş yeri faaliyet raaliyet raporu
Yabancının yurt dışı ikamet adresi ve tlf numarası bildiği
Şirkete vekalet (örnek ektedir)
Yabancının medeni hali eş durumu ve çoçuk sayısı (bilgi olarak)

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