Shipping Services

Air Freight

Sea ​​freight

Land shipping

Dry cargo shipping

Refrigerated cargo shipping

Shipping of fragile goods

Door to door shipping


Special service for each client

Each client has different needs. We will work together with unparalleled commitment to understand these needs in order to develop a long-term partnership between us. We believe that every customer, by staying together in this company and being close to his work, will be in a state of continuous development, we are able at Nadous to adapt our services according to the needs and requirements of this development according to each stage and design customized services for him to enable him to ship everything he wants, wherever he wants Ship it.

Other Services

Customs clearance services

cargo trailers

Cargo insurance

Ports, warehouses and storage

Trade services and merchandise purchase

Remittances for payment


Our motto in Nados for shipping services is speed, accuracy and ease in providing services.

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